Future of Pensions - Blockchain Hackathon

World's largest blockchain hackathon

In February 2017 The Dutch Blockchain Hackathon was held in Groningen, The Netherlands. Here teams from around the world competed to design the most revolutionary application of blockchain technology in different fields. In 3 days, 50 teams designed and developed a solution from scratch to compete for honor - and seed capital.

3rd place in the financial track

As a member of the Ortec Finance Tech Labs team I worked on the architecture and back-end design of a Decentralized Autonomous Pension Plan that shares longevity risk amongst the participating investors without an intermediary. Our solution, which ended third in the rankings, guaranteed liquidity by letting the individual carry the investment risk, which means participants also benefit from higher returns. Each participant picks his or her own portfolio, and advisory tools can readily connect to the blockchain to help participants of all skill levels to make optimal investment decisions.

More info can be found on the Tech Labs website.